Day 3 – Eurobest

Today, 2nd of December, we have attended Eurobest at 10 o’clock. The fist speech we have heard was entertained by Bruno Bertelli, Jury President of Eurobest. He talked about storytelling in general and how it affects publicity. Ads today have to follow a certain structure to be attractive to the public. As Mr. Bertelli explained, the “story” has to have only one protagonist, has to have a turning point, has to be doubtful until the end and has to have an unforeseable ending. His speech was very structured and had examples for every idea and point that he stated. In the end, his speech was one of the best that we have attended at Eurobest 2016.


The Second Day

After we got up in the morning, we dressed elegantly and we left for the Romanian embassy, not before we ate for breakfast. We took the bus, and so, we discovered some beautiful parts of the city. We reached the beautiful building of the Romanian embassy at 10:30. As we did not have the pleasure to meet the ambassador, we did speak to the consul of the embassy.

We left and headed back to the hotel to change and prepare for the Eurobest 2016 festival. As we arrived late we did not have time to decide where and when to go where so some of us picked the place randomly. I was pleasently surprised by the speach of Alain Sylvain, CEO and founder of Sylvain Labs. His speech debated the topic “What if you are insensitive”. He also talked about how Mr. Trump was elected president of the United States and how it affects American citizens. The key of his speech was when he started talking about how to be sensitive. He talked about 5 rules( Vulnerability, Consistency, Respect, Curiosity, Generosity), all regarding how to be sensitive the efficient way. After his speech ended, 2 more people talked and then we went back to the hotel.

In the evening, we walked around Rome and had a wonderful time when we went to a restaurant, near Plaza di Spagna, where we were welcomed by romanians and had a delicious dinner. After eating, we ended the day with a walk back to the hotel.