We are all liars,that’s the truth

The lie is as old as Adam and Eve. The first lie was said to hide that the first couple on Earth did something wrong.

In childhood some of the lies have the role of hiding something or pretending to be what is not in reality.
Grown up people lie to protect the kids from facing a cruel reality and they delay that moment lying.
They also lie the elders from facing the imminence of death, saying that everything will be just fine….and in this case, both the liar and the lied one get a fake courage till the great end.

Men lovers say sometimes “little” lies to have a better power of seduction and to build their status.

Abused people often lie they are all right because they feel afraid, ashamed and helpless.

Conscious or not we all had at least a moment of liyng for one of the reasons described above, but we all must struggle to avoid lying no matter what the consequences would have by saying the bare, cruel, truth, in oder to keep alive the value of sincerity and truth.img_3792


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