How to unf**k Europe?

Crisis is the name of the allarm button for both those who struggled to do something and for those who did nothing to change a bad situation into a better one.
When a nation declares the crisis it is condemned to loose its dignity too. It admits it has almost lost the battle and accept any help, even from the most unpropper entities.
So who is responsible and guilty for the crisis!? All of us!
What exactly have we done ? Nothing? Why? Because we are not prepared for it. Conscious that it is going to be very difficult to pay back the so called “help”, we declare the crisis and leave other people to solve it.
Along with solving, they bring poverty, unimploiment, diseases, hunger and teach us to endulge in doing nothing, buy anything with credit cards, discover delicacy in trash, but they never teach how to keep your roots firmly deep inside your country.
The Greek colapse brought improvement to the great powers of Europe who forced it to push the button of crisis. The Greek people now pay the bitter price of a hard life under European rules and regulations meant to change their destiny and to write a big black page of their history, too
Spain had tried to revive the traditional concept and passed through the crisis promoting the hand made objects and food produced in their own country. They survived with dignity, but they are still in deep recession.
Romanian tries to promote the stability and the need of protecting national identity by sticking together for better and worse.
So the fight tor staying in Romania, as an obligation of honour and an option for future, is the expression of keeping our roots deep inside the country and do everything we can for not pushing the allarm button of crisis.
So, every nation uses its native creativity to escape from difficult situations, always with loses and wounds, never prepared, but intoxicated with the psychological induced concept of crisis as a dead end.
The creativity in such moments makes the difference in the existence of a nation and its traditional values.rombot


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